November 4, 2013

First Fashion Show

Hey guys! This weekend was the start of Fashion Week San Antonio and I was extremely excited to attend my first fashion show! I've never been to a fashion show of any kind so I was really nervous and really excited. The show I attended was the Samantha Plasencia show. In her bio it said that her Spring 2014 collection is much different from her normal avant-garde design aesthetic.  This collection is meant to be more simplified and sensible. Even though these are meant to be a much more simple collection the feel was still edgy.  Below are a few snaps of my favorite outfits, sorry for the bad quality of pictures, I was using my iphone.

I really enjoyed this look. I think altogether it looks so edgy and modern. You can't tell in this photo but the pants have this really cute bow detail on the waist line that I just adored.

I loved the pattern of her top! She had a dress in the same pattern that I loved but was unable to get a clear shot of it. I also loved the chunky chained necklace. Below or some other photos I was able to snap during the show.

The makeup and hairstyle for this show had a rebellious feel. Like I said earlier this was my first fashion show so I don't know the edict for these things. I thought it would be more colorful since it is a spring collection, but overall I think she did a great job with the show and looks. I loved how she had such a grudge, edgy looks and added the pop of turquoise and white, which would be great to transition into the spring.

The whole reason I came to this show was to support my friend Deanna who is an amazing makeup artist, you should definitely check out her instagram for some great looks. 

 I would love to know if you guys liked any of these looks. Hope you guys have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Totally loving the 3rd outfit!!! It's always fun to get out to those kind of events. Love this post girlie! xoxo

    turquoise blonde

    1. Yeah I do like the black and white of the third outfit.

      It is fun to go out to a great event like that! Thanks for the comment girl!

  2. Nice photos dear! I follow you on bloglovin , i hope you follow me back!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  3. You are very lucky! I hope you enjoy the fashion show!! Love the skirt!

  4. Ohhh!!! How awesome you could go!!!! :D


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  5. congrats on attending your first fashion show! Your outfit is super adorable.


    Peonies and American Honey


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